I’ve heard a lot of it. I mean she is so gifted and talented and they’re all like above and beyond. So yeah I felt like when her song (“Shake It Off”) came out I didn’t know if people were going to respond because they were loving her country so much. But I’m like she’s so talented and it’s so good and so catchy and I love the video, so I’m glad that people responded well, she deserve that. And I think it’s good to change it up, shake it up, you know what I mean?
Jessica Szohr on Taylor’s new music. (x)

90% of horse movies

  • girl: *finds horse who is impaired in some way*
  • girl: dad can I keep it
  • dad: no there's no hope for it let's go
  • girl: dad u idiot u don't get me
  • girl: *visits horse in middle of the night*
  • *cuts to girl riding the horse in an open field bc she is free and her dad can't control her*
  • dad: how dare u
  • girl: just let me prove to u this horse is special
  • girl: *enters race*
  • girl: *wins*
  • dad: u make me so proud
  • horse: *whinnies*